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​In Station


Branding/ Installation

Size varies

Welcome to in station!
In station is an event venue created for the usage and benefits of the international students’ community at bowling green state university. 
In station serves as a space for cultural exchange, connection, and potential, and most importantly, for international students to be able to make the most out of their time at BGSU.

In an attempt to bring individuals and the community closer to the campus, In Station is designed to be mobile, adaptable, and flexible for various types of activities from club meetings to professional conventions. Separated, removable branding components are utilized in order to transform any space without being bound to specific locations, which helps expand the possibilities for more diverse and integrated events for everyone.

Though dedicated to international students, in station welcomes all BGSU students to come and hang out, explore the global cultures, get to know individuals from different backgrounds, and help enrich the diversity of the campus.

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